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Requirements of EU Consular sections to those, applying to receive the Schengen visa.

It must be noted that Consular requirements to insurance policy are regulated by Article 15 of the Visa Code of the European Union, and contains only minimal requirements to insurance cover, namely:

The amount of the insurance should be at least 30,000 Euro;
The insurance plan should include condition of repatriation.

All other conditions of insurance cover, usually included by insurers in policy conditions, such as: flight delay, lost baggage etc. – are not required by consulates and cause increasing cost of insurance.

However, Consular sections of some countries have specific requirements to insurance policies.

Let`s take a look at major "pitfalls", that a traveler will face at Consulates of Finland, Latvia and Austria.

From October 1 the Consulate of Finland requires that the term of the policy should start from the date of a visa application. It is rather controversial requirement, as the travel may be short-term (up to 1 - 2 days), and you are applying for visa one month prior to your trip.

Some Schengen countries when issuing visa allow an additional grace period of 15 days. Then applicants face the requirement to present a policy, covering this grace period, which also causes additional costs. An example of this requirement is the Consulate of Latvia. Please note this when purchasing a policy from our site.

When travelling to Austria, ski resorts tourists must include "Sports" risk to their insurance plan in a period from November 01 to April 30 inclusive. If you are not planning to ski at skiing season, you should submit a signed letter (in English or German) in free form, stating that the travel is not sports-related and therefore does not require a ski insurance. In case of the minors, their parents should complete the denial form.

If you apply for a visa via Visa centre, you should remember that this is only an official agent between an Embassy of a country and all those who want to get to that country. Visa centres do not make decisions on the issuance of visas, they only receive documents. Since income of a visa centre comes from agency operations, they often want to «help» you with your insurance as well, and doing so, a centre is interested in selling you the most expensive insurance policy, like any other insurance agent.

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